Friday December 8th, 2023
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30 Days Inside the Mind of Amro Thabit

The daring Egyptian illustrator released 30 risque, dreamlike and down-right strange yet captivating new images over the past month. Here, he tells us why...

Staff Writer

One of the few Egyptian illustrators able to transcend geography, culture and expectations, Amro Thabit once told us that if he wasn't an artist, he'd be a trucker. And if by being a trucker he's insinuating he'd be the purveyor of dirty jokes, a lucid imagination and the ability to express both of those in a language that's all his own, then his latest project would mean he's reached his destination safely with his cargo of colourful and maddeningly creative works intact. 

"I decided to challenge myself for 30 days as I haven't been drawing much lately. Ramadan came and I thought it was a good opportunity to start this project as no one is really productive during this period," he tells us about the 30 pieces of art that popped up on his Skittles-coloured Instagram feed. Using crazy characters, devastating details, "fierceness and nudity," you really can't look away from a signature Thabit illustration.



A photo posted by amro thabit aka ڤيكتور موسى 🐇 (@amro.thabit) on

"I can't really tell from where I actually get my inspiration from, I usually just go for it and see how things evolve. If I like it, I continue with what I'm doing, if not I try something else. Sometimes I try to picture my feelings that I have during a day," the artist explains, almost reluctantly.



A photo posted by amro thabit aka ڤيكتور موسى 🐇 (@amro.thabit) on

"With my drawings I actually just want to shock people a bit especially with portraying nude body parts. We live in a world full of contradictions and people often are in a bubble and do not really see how things are outside of it."



A photo posted by amro thabit aka ڤيكتور موسى 🐇 (@amro.thabit) on



A photo posted by amro thabit aka ڤيكتور موسى 🐇 (@amro.thabit) on