Friday December 8th, 2023
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9 Beautiful Must-See Churches Across Cairo

We've compiled a list of some of Cairo's churches with architecture that has left us in awe.

Staff Writer
Cairo is rich in history, and with history comes a wide variety or architectural beauty. Across these city streets are churches of every denomination, each with its unique architectural structure and stunning aesthetic intricasies. Some are mainstream and well-known - such as Heliopolis' Basilica Church - while others are found on the little side streets of Shobra, El Faggala, and other small areas dense with hidden gems. In search of some of this hidden beauty, we wandered the streets of Cairo with a camera in our hands and curious awe in our eyes. While we could only photograph nine churches, Cairo is filled with breathtakingly ornate domes and intricately designed facades. 
Basilica Church, Helipolis

Known as the Basilica of The Virgin Mary, or Le Basilique, this iconic landmark has been standing tall in the heart of Heliopolis with its Belgian-inspired architecture since 1906.
Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church, Sheraton
Known for its striking dome shape and internal ceiling art, El Malak Sheraton is a newly-established church that's a sight for the sore eyes.
St. Mark's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Shobra

 With astounding pillars and high ceilings, St. Mark's is a hidden gem among Shobra's many churches. Although simple and not elaborate, it's nothing short of majestic.
St. Markos Coptic Orthodox Church, Heliopolis
The oldest Coptic Orthodox Church in Heliopolis, the foundation of St. Markos was laid in 1925. It has now expanded to include a medical centre and a computer centre as well.
Resurrection Cathedral for Roman Catholics, El Daher
The Resurrection Cathedral for Roman Catholics sits nestled among several other churches in the Faggala neighbourhood in El Daher. The Cathedral is considered the headquarters of the Roman Catholic community in Cairo.
St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Coptic Cairo

One of the many historic monuments in Coptic Cairo, the present St. George Greek Orthodox Church was built in 1904 and is host to intricate designs and a colourful dome, and is open to visitors and tourists.
St. Rita Maronite Catholic Church, Heliopolis

A colourful contribution to Heliopolis' already eclectic landscape, St. Rita Maronite Catholic Church celebrated 100 years this past December.
St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Abbaseya

St. Mark's interesting dome structure is easy to recognise while driving along the 6th of October Bridge or anywhere near Abbassia. While its facade is not as intricately designed as other Coptic Orthodox churches, St. Mark's is home to the seat of the Coptic Orthodox pope.
Kasr El Dobara Evangelical Church, Tahrir
While Evangelical churches are often not as ornate as their Catholic and Orthodox counterparts, KDEC's stained-glass mosaic windows and alter décor make it stand out among the rest.