Friday February 23rd, 2024
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British Museum's Modern Egypt Project Takes Over Downtown Cairo

Downtown Cairo's Kodak passageway will be hosting the exquisite work of artists exploring the effects of material things on the human soul.

Staff Writer

Art stems from the unlikeliest of places. A great work of art can be inspired by a shoe, a jelly bean, or even an insect. And so it should come as no surprise that a bunch of uber-creative artists out there are creating art depicting how material things have shaped the human experience.

Being the philistines that we are, the British Museum’s upcoming Modern Egypt project – which kicks off on October 12th and runs through the 19th, sounds like the perfect opportunity to sink our teeth into something ethereal. The project will be showcasing a number of objects that illustrate the extent to which materiality has shaped Egyptians and vice versa.

The art installation takes place at Downtown Cairo’s Kodak Passageway every day from 12 PM to 8 PM and will feature a series of talks and presentations about the exhibit’s theme by participating artists and parties, namely the project’s curator Mohamed El Shahed, artist Huda Lutfi, and collector Amgad Naguib, as well as Women’s Museum Project by the Women and Memory Forum, and the Downtown Museum by Al-Ismaelia for Real Estate.

So, if the thought of how that pair of designer glasses have shaped your personality has ever crossed your mind, check out the Modern Egypt Project, you may just get an answer!

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