Sunday December 3rd, 2023
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Time on Canvas: Everyday Moments of Egyptian Life in the 1800's

Society was obviously very different 200 years ago, but some things just always stay the same.

Staff Writer

"What was life even like in Egypt back in the 1800's?", I hear you lament. Unfortunately, it was a time where we were yet to be blessed by the marvels of photography. Thankfully, however, we had some highly talented artists who did more than just a great job at bringing our vibrant country to life with a few strokes of a brush to the canvas, giving us a glimpse of what society was really like around 200 years ago.

Frederick Bridgman - Driving a BargainLife may have been way different in the 1800s, but we were already accustomed to driving a bargain, a practice that many will tell you is something that Egyptians practice so much, it has pretty much become a way of life. I guess we really did inherit a couple of traits from our ancestors.

Frederick Bridgman - Tete a Tete (1880)It looks like this guy’s on a date, so what’s he doing with that massive rifle? Kinky.

 Vasilis Saleas - Olon
No one has ever done crafts looking this cool. 

Raphael Van Ambros - Tobacco Seller (1891)Fresh, hand rolled cigarettes on the spot! Who needs Marlboro?! Jokes aside, the detail on this oil painting is absolutely brilliant.

Rudolph Soboda-The Carpet Seller
What's sold is sold, elly beyroo7 mabyerga3sh!

Jean Leon Gerome - The Saddle BazaarCenturies pass, things come and go, but chess is absolutely timeless. I can't help but wonder what that guy's smoking back there.

 Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouy - The SentinelHit that shit, grandpa!

John Frederick Lewis - Edfu, Upper Egypt (1860)"Tuesday is their hump day, Dave. Ours is every day. I wish we were cats instead,"

Joseph Austin Benwell - Halt for prayer under Mount Horeb (1868)Are we there yet ?!

Jean Leon Gerome - Prayer on the Housetops (1865)
It's always nice to get a change of scenery every now and then


Main image: Peder Mork Monsted - 1859