Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Visit Egypt & Follow Jesus' Journey

The Ministry of Tourism has announced a new tour that will follow the Holy Family's journey through Egypt.

Staff Writer

Visit Egypt & Follow Jesus' Journey

Other than revolutions, political unrest, and an ailing economy, Egypt is a country that is known for its rich history in terms of religion, architecture, technology, and culture. This history often runs parallel to Egypt’s international tourism industry, an industry that has been plummeting in recent years. In an attempt to revitalise it, the Ministry of Tourism has announced that from October, they will be running week-long tours of the places and landmarks that Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary visited in Egypt. This amounts to around 20 places, including churches, shrines, and various other cultural landmarks. Pope Tawadros II has agreed to conditionally allow these tour groups to enter Coptic monasteries, calling tourism in Egypt an “indispensable” part of the Egyptian economy.

The hope is that this tour will highlight certain parts of Coptic history, something that has often been overlooked in terms of Egyptian culture. Biblical tours of Egypt have existed before, however they were not very well promoted, according to Dina Tadros, owner of Italotel Egypt Tours, a tourism agency that will be taking part in the running and promotion of the tour.