Monday June 24th, 2024
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Egypt's High Administrative Court Bans YouTube For a Month

Six years after an offensive anti-Islam short film sparked protests, Egypt's Judiciary bans YouTube in retaliation.

Staff Writer

Egypt's High Administrative Court Bans YouTube For a Month

Earlier today, as reported by Shorouk News, Egypt's High Administrative Court issued its verdict on a court case urging the Communications' Ministry to ban YouTube in Egypt until the video streaming website removes the infamous anti-Islamic movie clip, Innocence of Muslims, a short film depicting Prophet Mohamed in compromising positions, a narrative which Muslims around the world found to be offensive to their beliefs. The videos first caught heat back in 2012, sparking protests in Egypt and chaos in Libya, where the US Ambassador Christopher Stevens  and three American diplomats were killed by angry, armed protesters.

"We demand YouTube to be banned in Egypt until the removal of videos from the offensive movie, and any movie which is anti-Islam[...] Such movies and clips will trigger unstoppable consequences as a result of insulting Muslims and Egyptians,  and they are aimed at dragging them into sectarian clashes and violence," read Lawyer's Mohamed Hamed Salem's opening statement for the case.

The case, for which the aforementioned verdict is irrevocable, obliges Egypt's Prime Minister, Communication Minister, the head of The National Communications Council, to make arrangements to stop access to YouTube from Egypt immediately, for the duration of a month, and further demands a ban on any internet links to Innocence of Muslims.