Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Amro El Meligy's Back

After a runaway hit with Razan last year, Amro El Meligy is back with a top-notch new video before his long-anticipated album hits the charts tomorrow.

Staff Writer

So in case you were wondering where to get your musical fix today, y'know, to fill that space of time where you're simply staring really hard at your computer screen and pretending to be completely engrossed in a Very Important Presentation but you're actually doing fuck all, clicking on Miley's latest antics or trying to find videos of puppies doing ridiculous things that you haven’t already watched, there's a new music video you can check out!

Pop sensation Amro El Meligy, he of making-a-video-with-Razan fame, has just released the video for his new latest song Ha3aly El Soot. It's you know, kind of what you'd expect from a song and video in Egypt; catchy Arabic pop beats, man in hoodie looking intensely at camera as he sings… There are also some children in the video playing on a swing set that's both more modern than any one we've ever seen in Egypt and also set in a garden that we bet you could never find in Cairo. Ever. It's too green. Nevertheless, it's a breath of fresh air in Egypt's pop scene and is a good way to get to know the singer ahead of his album launch party tomorrow, 20th September, at Amuse Concept Store.