Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Ana Fil Kazouza

We head out to try Maadi's newest retro eatery, Kazouza, and go home with a rekindled love for Egyptian street food.

Staff Writer

Ana Fil Kazouza

Your daily doses of sogo2 and kebda (aka sausages and liver) are found on pretty much every street corner around the capital, but not in Maadi, as they're a bit harder to stumble upon with all the gastropubs, sushi places, and whatnots. But Kazouza is here to change all of that.

Located on (of course) Road 9, the street food restaurant is very easy to spot with its Instagrammable black and white checkered floor and sweet potato cart parked right in front of the place. We struggled to pick what it is we actually want to order with their mouthwatering menu. With things like hawawshi and cheese, sogo2 feteer, renga salad (YES WE LOVE RENGA AND SHAM EL NASSIM IS IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS OKAY?), how can someone decide?

Eventually we had to pick as they waited for us for over 15 minutes and 3eeb ba2a. We picked sogo2 sandwich, la7ma mafrooma feteer (minced meat), hawawshi and cheese. We also got sa7lab and a Kazouza Cola (because we didn't know what it was and YOLO) for drinks. Our food and drinks took no time to arrive on our table and oh my, it looked and smelled delicious. We started with the sogo2 sandwich that came with a green chilli and tasted like you weren't going to get a stomach-ache afterwards and sometimes that's all you really need from a sogo2. The feteer was bigger than we expected which is ALWAYS a good thing. But the best thing though was the hawawshi and cheese without a doubt. The meat was perfectly grilled and the bread around the meat had the right amount of grease; a must-order. As for the drinks, the sa7lab was very heartwarming and needed to combat the cold weather, but the Kazouza Cola was out of this world; it was basically a blueberry milkshake with cola sauce (WE KNOW RIGHT?)! All in all, Kazouza is the ultimate hangout spot for people who want to have the authentic Egyptian experience.  Note: They also have a7la shisha in Maadi and an all day breakfast menu.

Find out more on their official Facebook page here or their Instagram account on @kazouzaegypt.