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Cairo Airport Customs Vandalise Bryan Adams' Guitar

Bryan Adams posted a picture on Facebook of his guitar after it had been vandalised by Cairo Airport customs, leaving some Egyptians feeling the need to apologise this morning.

Staff Writer

Cairo Airport Customs Vandalise Bryan Adams' Guitar

Once again, Egyptians find themselves having to bury their heads in the sand as Bryan Adams – yes, the Bryan Adams – posts a picture on Facebook of his guitar vandalised by airport customs in Egypt, which has since gone viral.

This week, Bryan Adams paid a visit to Egypt to play a private concert to celebrate a major corporation’s decision to switch its name. While the party was a secret and we weren't invited, we happened to bump into him at the Mena House on Wednesday.In our brief encounter, we learned that this was Bryan Adams’ third time in Egypt; however, the vandalising of his 1957 Martin D-18 guitar by airport customs at Cairo Airport may result in it being his last. Clearly upset, Bryan Adams posted a photo of the customs graffiti on Facebook about 12 hours ago, which continues to virally spread across social media.

Airport customs graffiti on my 1957 Martin D-18 from Egypt. Back to the luthier... #bryanadamsgetup

Posted by Bryan Adams on Thursday, March 10, 2016


It’s unclear why it was absolutely necessary to write on the famous artists’ guitar; it seems like they could have just put the same marking on a sticker and put on the case of the guitar - but alas,  ‪#‎ThisIsEgypt.