Wednesday November 29th, 2023
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Ding Janhao Was Here

A Chinese couple publicly apologise for their son after online activists berate him for defacing Luxor Temple.

Staff Writer

A Chinese schoolboy who thought he was pretty smart, posted photos online of his name carved into the ancient temples of Luxor following a family holiday. It didn't take long for his photos to go viral, creating a shitstorm and an online witch-hunt for the 14-year old boy. His parents expressed their regret, telling their local newspaper: "We apologise to Egyptian authorities and Chinese people who pay attention to the incident. He has realized he made a mistake, and we beg your pardon, please give him a chance to correct his act." Ding Janhao himself only had this to say: "It was the saddest moment during my stay in Egypt, and I felt ashamed." And so he should be. But he's only 14, so we don't know how to feel.