Friday December 8th, 2023
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Disney Hires Egyptian Casting Director for Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin Remake and You Can Audition

As a head of an actors' workshop here in Egypt, we're thinking Marwa Gabriel will be looking at her old Egyptian contacts for all the roles, and not a bunch of white people.

Staff Writer

Egyptian acting instructor and Starz founder Marwa Gabriel is set to be the official Casting Director for Disney’s upcoming live action musical film Aladdin, she announced on Facebook.

She’ll be joining director Guy Ritchie, the producer of The Lego Movie, and the screenwriter of Corpse Bride, and will be tasked with finding the right actors and actresses for the roles. We’re hoping that Gabriel’s years in Starz will give her a huge pool of Egyptian talent to draw from for the cast. Also, there is a good chance she’ll actually choose Arabs for the roles, not Tom Cruz and Keira Knightly.

Marwa Gabriel’s Starz is an acting workshop catering to professional and amateur actors in Egypt; developing their craft and helping them in their careers. After she graduated from AUC, she got her Master's in screenwriting while in California. Afterwards she returned home to pursue her dream of developing Egypt’s aspiring actors and actresses.