Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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The Return of Hip Hop at CJC

DJ A.K. is back on the decks at Cairo Jazz Club this week and ready to drop some hot beats...

Staff Writer

The Return of Hip Hop at CJC

Remember when Biggie hypnotised you and Missy got your freak on? Yes, the good old days of Old School Hip Hop brought some groove to parties way before it was branded “swag”. But now that it's officially labelled as swag, if there's anywhere we would be expecting to see it, it would be at Cairo Jazz Club this Wednesday as DJ A.K. brings his beats to the turntables in a Hip-Hop and R&B extravaganza like the city has never seen before.

No other genre gets your hips shaking as much, so a Hip-Hop and R&B night should not be missed by music and dance overs alike. People these days don’t get jiggy with it as often as they should, so this chance needs to be seized. DJ A.K., back on the turntables as a solo spinner, knows them phat beats and gangsta tunes and will make sure to drop those beats like the roof is on fire.

So bring your bling and drop it like it's hot at Cairo Jazz Club this Wednesday. Don’t forget your dollaz - although, of course, there is no entrance fee. Doors open at 10.30 PM and you know dat DJ gonna be makin' you dance. Don’t miss the party…

We hope you've appreciated our efforts at making as many Hip-Hop references as possible. 

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