Friday June 14th, 2024
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Working with an Edge: How Egyptian Businesses Can Upscale their Workspace

Fully. Furnished. Offices. What more do we need to say?

Staff Writer

Working with an Edge: How Egyptian Businesses Can Upscale their Workspace

Work environments, more often than not, tend to be on the lackluster side of things, and let’s not even stray into the financial side of setting them up. How many desks are you going to plop your employees on? How many space age meeting rooms and displays are you going to leisurely throw around? Some pretty big questions to answer right there, boss. Much to our professional delight, however, there’s a place that offers every aspiring entrepreneur, businessman and head of industry access to fully furnished, finished and equipped work spaces to suit every professional endeavor you might have.


Edge Innovation Centre, nestled in Zayed’s own beacon of business – Galleria40 – gives anyone from the humble freelancer to the stalwart head of industry a full suite of offices, meeting rooms, board rooms and a conference hall (among other things) for rent or lease. Each work environment is fully equipped with all your basic essentials and a few snazzy addons to boot:

  • You have 17 offices up for grabs, with enough space and accouterments to fit two to five hardworking employees, complete with a lounge, receptionist, high-speed internet and IP phones.
  • You have 6 meeting rooms with all the necessary bells and whistles; UHD screens, high speed internet, IP phones and adjustable lighting to set the mood just right for your team of 12 worker bees. You even get a lounge and a terrace for some mid-meeting socializing and a quick smoke.
  • You have 7 customisable training rooms, capable of holding up to anything from 25 to 100 aspiring trainees, complete with high speed internet and all the necessary tools you need.
  • You get a ritzy executive lounge with everything they have to offer, all in an elegant and spacious boardroom fit for any and all men and women of industry.
  • Seeing as we’re in the 21st century and all, you can also set up a virtual office with a unique address; offering live and constant administration support customized to your needs, as well as local telephone numbers. 


All that is just some of what the folks over at Edge Innovation Centre have to offer. They also have indoor/outdoor catering services, photography/videography coverage, private valet parking and a whole bunch of other neat benefits. Behind EDGE Innovation Center is a leading and trusted developer and operator in the field of business development: ‘RAYA Smart Buildings’, a subsidiary of Raya Holding, a company that operates in a wide array of industries since the early 2000s. 


With an easily accessible location only 20 minutes away from Downtown, and taking centre stage in Zayed’s premier shopping/dining experience, Edge Innovation Centre should be your go-to service for setting up a spot for you and your team’s productivity to grow. Check out their website as well as their LinkedIn for a full rundown on their services, and if you need to make a booking, feel free to call them on 0238275050.