Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Egypt Reacts to Bomb Threats

As a bombed exploded in downtown Cairo this morning, and two more were defused at Cairo International Airport, the Transport Ministry announces a new reward scheme offering free transport for a year for anyone who tips off the authorities of threats.

Staff Writer

Egypt Reacts to Bomb Threats

It was an explosive morning in Cairo, quite literally. One bomb went off, one was defused, and many more are expected as the Transportation Ministry is offering free public transport for a year to anyone who helps find them in the future. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

A bomb placed in an electricity box in Behler Passage in downtown Cairo went off early this morning, damaging shop windows but causing no injuries. The origin of the explosives are still unknown.

Meanwhile, two more bombs, placed under two cars in the parking lot of Terminal 3 at Cairo International Airport, were defused in the early hours of Tuesday as well, causing no harm. However, forces have been busy defusing bombs in the recent months causing them to now seek help from the public in identifying threats.

This is how security became “everybody’s responsibility.” This phrase exactly is the name of a transportation card allowing free public travel throughout Cairo for everyone who contributed information that can prevent further bomb attacks. Named “Long live Egypt – Security is everybody’s responsibility,” the ticket will boast unlimited transport for 365 days for upstanding citizens who report suspicious activity.

Although largely limited to the Sinai Peninsula, targeting security forces, civilian targets are increasing. Bombs and pretend bombs, however, are not contributing to the overall sense of security Cairo is hoping to regain. Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis, a group affiliated with Islamic State, has claimed responsibility for most of the attacks in recent week. The Muslim Brotherhood has also been assigned responsibility.