Friday December 8th, 2023
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Egypt to Adopt an Open Skies Policy That Will Double Number of Operating Airlines

The sky's the limit.

Staff Writer

It has been announced that Egypt is to implement an Open Skies Policy allowing more airlines to operate direct flights from Europe to Cairo International Airport. Tourism and aviation experts praised the decision, seeing it as a big step towards opening Egypt's doors to more tourists.

Before the implementation of the Open Skies Policy, there were 47 international airlines operating through Cairo International Airport, but with it they are hoping to double this number. Yousry Abdel Wahab, Head of the Private Aviation Association, also said that it can now accommodate up to 30 million passengers a year, a rise from 2018's 14 million. 

The newly adopted policy works in favour of Egypt’s aim to revive, restore and increase the flow of travellers from countries all over the world, "by removing all obstacles hindering those willing to visit Egypt," Sameh al-Hefny, President of the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority, said.

The inaugurations of Sphinx International Airport and the New Administrative Capital's airport will also help with Egypt's demand and also create more job opportunities while raising the tourism sector workers' income.