Sunday July 21st, 2024
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Egyptian Wife Wants Divorce Because Husband Is Too Handsome

The man is just too beautiful for his wife to handle anymore.

Staff Writer

Egyptian Wife Wants Divorce Because Husband Is Too Handsome
Emirates247 reports that an Egyptian woman in Cairo is seeking to divorce her husband because she claims he is too handsome. 
The two have been together for three years but the wife claims she has been miserable with her doctor husband and wants to call it off. She claims that women are constantly looking at him and she cannot trust that he won’t have an affair. 
The story went viral on social media with the typical split opinions. Some told the despairing wife that the fiendishly good looks of the husband must be creating a lot of tension and they should end the marriage to ease their suffering. Others blamed her directly, saying that her jealousy has turned the marriage into a disaster. Some said it was up to the husband whether he thinks his obscenely good looks are worth ending three years of marriage.
All we know is we need to see this guy! We’re picturing a statuesque George Clooney type with a jawline made of steel.