Friday June 14th, 2024
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Youtube Launches its First Content Creation Space in the Middle East

Creating YouTube content isn’t an easy business, but it is indeed a business that's now much easier thanks to YouTube Space.

Staff Writer

Youtube Launches its First Content Creation Space in the Middle East

If you’re a YouTuber (woe betide you) and you happen to be so good at it that it’s your sole source of income, people might ask you what you do for a living; since ‘YouTuber’ isn’t exactly something you can put in a CV (yet), you just say you’re a humble content creator. What people (miserably) don’t get is that content creation is some seriously hard work, especially if it’s for YouTube. Luckily for the Middle East, we now have our own YouTube Space over at Dubai Studio City – the first of its kind in the entire MENA region.

“So I can make videos in space now?” No, Nermine, that’s not what YouTube Space is, but let us enlighten you; if you fancy yourself a YouTube content creator (whether you’re good or bad at it), the YouTube Space in Dubai gives you access to a bunch of snazzy equipment, studios, workshops and all manner of neat stuff to churn out better quality content and learn a thing or two on the way. Whether you need audio, video or strange yet charming props, YouTube Space seemingly has it covered and it’s all for free. The MENA YouTube space is the 10th of its kind, joining other spaces around the world in London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Toronto, Paris, Berlin and Sao Paolo.

Inside, you'' find two fully equipped studios, a production room and two editing rooms, as well as two top-tier Canon cameras – a C500 and a C300 –  as well as a 5D camera (so you can shoot an extra two dimensions in your Minecraft playthrough). The Space can take up to 200 filmmakers, video editors and all sorts of other creatives at the same time, seeing as it’s about 6,000 square feet and all. All you have to do to gain access to all its bountiful spleandour is to own a YouTube channel with over 10,000 subscribers, and once you fill in the registration forms to book a studio, they’ll review your request and get back to you. If you happen to be a few subscribers short of 10,000, try not to cry too hard; because you’ll have access to all their workshops and training sessions to be able to pump out some bomb-ass videos.

According to YouTube’s Chief Business Officer, Robert Kyncl, the MENA YouTube Space now has over 200 YouTube channels with over one million subscribers, which wasn’t the case at all five years ago. He also mentioned that there are 30,000 channels with over 10,000 subscribers, all eligible to register for the new space, and as a result, the amount of YouTube channels currently out there has increased by a whopping 160% in the last three years alone. You don’t have to be Spielberg to get in on the action (you can literally eat noodles and make a living).

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