Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Friends' Central Perk Opens In Egypt This Month

How many Friends references could CairoScene fit into one excited piece about the opening of the first Central Perk in Egypt?

Staff Writer

Friends' Central Perk Opens In Egypt This Month

OH… MY… GOD! THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION! This is also the best piece of information we've ever heard in this country: Port Said is now home to the first actual Central Perk! The CairoScene office looks like this right now:We thought we were the biggest Friends fans this side of the Nile but, clearly, the other side of the Nile is giving us a run for our money. While we're not sure who'd win at Friends trivia, us or Central Perk owner Abdullah Hassan and his wife Omneya Al-Dessouki, we hope they're willing to bet their kick-ass new café in a lightning round - even though none of us will ever know what Chandler does for a living, anyway. 

You have not been bamboozled, folks; Central Perk might not be located at 15 Yemen Road, Yemen, but it is located on Gomhoria St., Port Fouad, in the underrated city of Port Said. While we're pretty upset that Central Perk didn't open up in the heart of Cairo, we're fiiiine; it's sure to get the beautiful port city some much-needed exposure. What's not to like about this idea? Friends? Good. Central Perk? Good! In Egypt? GOOD!Could we be any more excited?! We have so many questions, though! Will there be an Egyptian Gunther, complete with socially awkward glances, who'll probably go home to tell el 7agga about el bint el beida el 7elwa who works with him? Will Phoebe be singing Smelly Cat? Will Joey ask us "how you doin'?" when we walk through the door?

Our inner Ross just had to dig a little deeper, so we asked Hassan all these nagging questions. "Everything is exactly the same as Central Perk, right down to the details," he tells us, "even Phoebe and her guitar." The only thing they won't have, unfortunately, is Gunther. Whatever, that's a moo point - it's like a cow's opinion, it doesn't matter. It's moo! All that matters is that Hassan had to yell, "pivot, PIVOOOOT!" to get the infamous Friends couch into their café. "The couch is a big deal," Hassan mentioned, "everyone loves it. We got it from a top secret place, but it's exactly the same as the one in the show." We're intrigued - very intrigued. Of course Hassan's favourite quote by his favourite friend is "JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD!" Unlike Joey, Central Perk makes food and drinks worth sharing. Their menu is pretty awesome - "we took the qualities of each Friend and imagined what that would look like in drink form," Hassan shared. With a drink named after each Friend; the Joey is creamy and rich, the Monica is nice and neat - each drink is the embodiment of each character.What are we supposed to expect at the Central Perk grand opening on December 25th in Port Said? Paper! Snow! …A ghost! No, they're obviously going to be airing the show, and that's better than any Christmas gift Monica could ever hide. You can let out your inner Phoebe and Rachel, though - go check out Central Perk before December 25th during their soft launch. Do not wear your apartment pants.

Now lift… and slide down to Central Perk's Facebook page, here.