Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Buy the New Heineken Multipack and Win a Trip to Amsterdam

Celebrating their new gloriously green four-bottle pack, Heineken's new app will see the first person to complete the challenges win a trip to Amsterdam...

Staff Writer

Buy the New Heineken Multipack and Win a Trip to Amsterdam

The internet is full of claims that if your favourite colour is green, then you are by default an intelligent person. Obviously the link between colour preference and IQ is a debate with no end, however Heineken firmly believes that the best things come in green packages, and their latest campaign are giving green loving Egyptians the chance to win a trip to Amsterdam, as they introduce their new four-bottle pack to stores across the country.

In celebration of the new multipack, Heineken has designed a fun app that will give fans of the beer maker a chance to visit the home of Heineken; Amsterdam. To enter the competition, all beer enthusiasts have to do is purchase a Heineken multipack and scan the QR code on the pack to download the Open Your City App.

Once you have downloaded the app, the competition becomes a race against time as the first person to complete the app’s mission will win the trip. The competition deadline is set to expire on February 28th so there is really no time to waste. So if you want to prove your intelligence simply purchase the green multipack, complete the challenges, and find yourself whisked away to Amsterdam while all those fans of yellow remain stuck in Cairo. 

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