Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Libya Jihadists Filmed in Sexy Pool Party

Libyan militants get wet and wild in Tripoli's US Embassy.

Staff Writer

Libya Jihadists Filmed in Sexy Pool Party

A shocking new video has emerged showing Libyan Islamic militants throwing a debauched pool party at the country's US embassy. The minute long clip shows fighters from the usually conservative Libya Dawn malitia group getting wet and wild while supposedly guarding the diplomatic bolt-hole from other armed groups.

Thoughout the clip the fighters can be heard hollering and shouting although it is unclear where alcohol was consumed on the premises. However an Associated Press journalist who gained access to the compound claimed that windows were broken amid other damage.

The Tripoli-based Islamist group are known for their strict interpretation of the Quran and disgusting punishment of those opposed to their regime. However their strict moral values are forgotten behind the scenes as the clip below shows.
A commander for the Dawn of Libya group, Moussa Abu-Zaqia, told the AP that his forces had been guarding the residential compound since last week, a day after it seized control of the capital.

Libya has been gripped by bitter sectarian infighting in recent months. The group has caused controversy by rounding up local families from rival tribes since gaining control of the war-torn country's capital.