Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Massive Thunderstorms and Heavy Rain Expected to Hit Cairo This Week

Brace yourself Egypt! The Egyptian Meteorological Authority has released a warning that they expect heavy rain and severe thunderstorms across multiple governorates.

Staff Writer

Massive Thunderstorms and Heavy Rain Expected to Hit Cairo This Week

Egyptians brace themselves for the winter season amidst reports by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority that heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected within the upcoming few days.

According to Ahram, the Egyptian Meteorological Authority announced on Sunday that the country will be hit by thunderstorms and heavy rain starting Tuesday with unstable weather expected to reach its pinnacle by Thursday and Friday.

The Northern coast along with the Nile Delta, Sinai and Cairo are expected to experience the majority of the mentioned heavy rain and thunderstorms while Upper Egypt is more likely to witness some light rain accompanied by a drop in temperature.

A warning has also been issued by the Meteorological Authority to the public about a dense mist expected during the early morning hours of Monday and Tuesday that will reduce visibility throughout the nation's highways.

Worried about the impact of the storm,  the authorities have emphasised to all governors that they need to take the necessary measures to do their best to prepare for the severe weather to come.