Thursday April 18th, 2024
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Sahel Meets Santorini at the White Coast

Pack your bags, you're going to Santorini – except sans border patrol and the annoying guy on the plane who never shuts up.

Staff Writer

Sahel Meets Santorini at the White Coast

Imagine a mountainous, crescent-shaped island with white buildings and blue rooftops; as you reach the top and look down at the lagoon’s blue waters from over the cliffs, you get the feeling you’re in another world — you’re lost in your sea of thoughts. You’ve reached serenity. Let's not shatter that dream with trouble from customs, sitting next to that guy on the plane that never shuts up, and arriving only to find those grey donkeys waiting to guide you to your inn – kind of like The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants. No need to hop on planes, just hop over to White Coast instead.
With Sahel season hitting us soon, OB Hotels & Restaurants – the people who bought you Loft 21 and Dos Cañas – are opening up a slice of Santorini in Bianchi with their newest project: White Coast. Once you enter you’ll find a pool in the middle and a staircase exterior made out of natural white stones­, just like Santorini. Upon entering the restaurant, you’ll get a shabby chic vibe from the natural stonewalls. It has built-in sofas, wooden tables, and seating made of light rusted wood, all of which evoke a warm, summery ambience. Aside from the indoor area, they have a terrace area where you can sit back and take a break from life. 

This restaurant pool and bar is “by the sea, so we made sure to reflect that feeling through the chef’s menu and our general décor,” explains owner AbdelRahman Eissa. Whether you’re sitting down to some quiet chitchat or if you’re one of those run-all-over-the-place kind of people, this spot goes both ways; some days they have DJs and other days it’s more chill. This laid-back, under-the-sun spot is loud and vibrant, and food comes with a creative twist, attracting people who are interested in trying new flavour combinations. The dishes speak for themselves; “the prawn catalan and grilled stiffed squid is one of our specials, which consists of baby squid stuffed with steamed fish and pineapple vodka,” Eissa adds.

On Thursday mixing maestro Marc Wahba will be on the decks followed by some Hip Hop by Mobbz on Friday and Omar Sabh on Saturday.

A little slice of Santorini awaits in Sahel – from the food to the feel and everything in between. Let's take a little escape, shall we?