Saturday July 20th, 2024
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Zigzag Presents Rhythm Roulette: You Win Or You Make A Fool Of Yourself Trying

With Russian roulette, if you don't win, you die. Rhythm Roulette, on the other hand, won't kill you, it just might make you look bad in front of a live crowd.

Staff Writer

Zigzag Presents Rhythm Roulette: You Win Or You Make A Fool Of Yourself Trying

Tomorrow, our favourite Downtown club will transform into a battleground – no guns will be going off here, only music. Rhythm Roulette involves five DJs competing in front of a crowd; each DJ is blindfolded and made to pick four tracks out of Zigzag’s library. They will have a few minutes to listen to the songs and then will have to come up with a mix that they will have to play to the crowd. Judging is done by the crowd; each attendee will get a piece of paper where they will write the name of the DJ that impressed them the most. The DJ with the most votes will win his choice from either a Traktor X1 midi controller or a pair of Alan & Heath headphones.

Now, while we are not DJs ourselves, we could use some of that gear - mainly the headphones. So we asked where we sign up - maybe the gods of music will be on our sides and we'll win. Worst-case scenario, we will make fools of ourselves in front of everyone, and we don't mind that, we do it all the time. Alas, when we contacted Zigzag to sign us up, they told us, "don't call us, we will call you." It doesn't work that way; Rhythm Roulette is not for any DJ. It will only feature Cairo's best, who will be picked by the Zigzag team themselves. This week they picked Shady Ezz, Aly Gawdat, Mano (Ashmawi), Kidmims;, and Minus T. Interested? So are we!

Check out Zigzag on Facebook here, visit the event page for more info, or follow them on Instagram @zigzag.cairo.