Friday June 21st, 2024
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Tech Summit to Kick Off at Biblioteca Alexandrina

Alexandria's Techne Summit will see expertise from across the technological spectrum - from NASA to Facebook - come together for a two-day event at the historic library.

Staff Writer

Tech Summit to Kick Off at Biblioteca Alexandrina

Techne Summit, Egypt’s most promising international event for techies, will kick off at the iconic Bibliotheca Alexandrina on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast, starting on October 24th. The two-day conference, held under the patronage of the Alexandria Governorate, will give tech businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, and media representatives a chance to network and collaborate to push a sector in the MENA region.

Among the industry professionals who will share bits of expertise, the event will host international speakers such as’s Alan Grant, Facebook MENA’s Amira Rashad, and UC Berkeley’s Ken Singer. Participants will also have the chance to get inspired by Egyptian talents breaking barriers internationally in the likes of NASA’s space scientist Essam Eggy, and Khaled Elamrawy, president at Brightskies Technologies.

In the past years, Egypt has seen a rise of tech entrepreneurs launching from e-commerce platforms to online obituary sites, and taking the lead in driving Egypt’s economic growth. Last month, as CairoScene gathered Egypt’s #25under25, the country’s youngest entrepreneurs discussed what it takes to launch a tech startup, from challenges to the methods.

An opportunity to fund businesses, connect with global and local investors, or gain coverage in widely viewed media publications, the even promises to stretch the boundaries of a rapidly growing sector in Egypt and the Middle East.