Monday December 11th, 2023
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The Closest You'll Get To A Real Lightsaber

A YouTube ubernerd has created a Star Wars lightsaber using some cool tech and 3D printed parts.

Staff Writer
A new video on the Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel has Star Wars fans almost as excited and sweaty as the new movie does. Using 3D printed parts and a model of the Skywalker lightsaber, supernerd and crafty dude Allen Pan's recent and perfectly-timed creation burns through inflated Imperial Stormtroopers and gets way too close to his face to light a cigarette. 
While the blade isn’t really made of magnetically contained super-heated plasma, and Pan isn’t really a master of the force, it’s still pretty impressive. The "lightsaber" is fuelled by a methanol/acetone mixture and uses butane as a propellent to create a wiggly blue beam of death and pain. Boric acid is added to the mix to make the blade green, for that Return Of The Jedi vibe.
Check out the Sufficiently Advanced YouTube channel for more tech gadgets from your wildest nerd dreams.