Sunday July 21st, 2024
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8 Ridiculous Shoes We Found in Downtown Cairo

We've all seen those storefronts, packed to the brim with crazy shoe after crazy shoe but we didn't know how absurd they'd get until we stepped inside...

Staff Writer

8 Ridiculous Shoes We Found in Downtown Cairo

We walked through Downtown’s Talaat Harb Street to find some of the most eccentric, weird or straight up bizarre shoes on the market. We had to share the few exquisitely strange rarities that simply caught our attention.

"I mistakenly wore my fishnet socks over my stilettos, then I went out with it anyway because I’m punk rock like that."

"What happens when Beyoncé has a baby with a brick? Me."

"I was once a wild pirate tearing down ships, then I got rich, but I never forgot my roots. NEVER."

Men barra halla halla, w men gowa ye3lam allah

This is what happens when a shoe looks into a funhouse mirror on acid.

"My name is Sindbadass, I once murdered a couple of 12 year old girls for ripping on me, and then I pursued a musical career in which I never saw light of day because I refused to wash my hair."

When age took its toll and his career took a turn for the worst, Captain America had to resort to other means of obtaining any sort of income.

We live in a museum; my mummy and daddy shit gold for breakfast while we play with our giraffes in the back garden.