Sunday April 14th, 2024
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Egypt Corporate Games Kick off Next Saturday in Palm Hills Club

Go Sport is taking us to Egypt Corporate Games at Palm Hills Club, where hardworking Egyptian employees compete for medals in their companies' names.

Staff Writer

Egypt Corporate Games Kick off Next Saturday in Palm Hills Club

It's an established fact that when you're working at a corporation, you give in to the fact that you don't own your time and have absolutely no say in the matter of your own life, unless you're some sort of a time-management guru/life coach/Deepak Chopra. The hectic daily routine keeps most corporate employees in a dead-lock race with time just to get through a regular working day. Things like watching what you eat and keeping yourself in shape slowly become far-fetched fantasies, reserved for those who can afford the luxury of time. Well, not anymore! Next Saturday, Go Sport is taking us to Palm Hills Club, which will witness PHC Egypt's ultimate Egypt Corporate Games, brought to you by In The Zone. The Olympics-like competition will be having employees from corporations all over Egypt compete for medals under the banner of their respective companies in countless athletic and strategic competitions, namely football, volleyball, swimming, tennis, fitness challenges and many others. If your strongest suit is your brains, then get ready for a defining game of backgammon or baby foot. The competition will be designed to be inclusive of employees of both genders who are on different levels of athleticism, so your lame excuses don't apply. There, we said it! 

The day will take off with a vigorous start at 8 AM, with teams of employees registering their names to compete in 16 different sports; including basketball, wrestling, squash, and the less physically-engaging badminton and baby foot. At 9 AM, all competitions commence on 8 different courts in the gigantic space, which will have a ceremonial stage right in its centre, awarding the medals to winning employees and teams throughout the adrenaline-fuelled day. The doors will be wide open all day for families and friends of players, so they can roam free to cheer their loved ones breaking a sweat on the field.

After the last corporate competitor steps off the field at around 6 PM, the medals awarded to each corporation throughout the day will be counted by a special committee, which will later announce the name of the company with the most medals, culminating in one taking Egypt Corporate Games' trophy home. Seems like the time to ditch that tie and trade it for those unused sneakers is upon us. May the odds be ever in your company's favour.  

For more info and registration check out Go Sport  and Egypt Corporate Games on Facebook.

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