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The CairoScene Eid Al-Adha Guide 2018

Lots of things to do on this long, long, long holiday.

Staff Writer

The CairoScene Eid Al-Adha Guide 2018

Here it is, folks - the last big holiday of the calendar year. While it may be tempting to crawl up into a ball and get some much needed R&R, there's far too much see, do, hear and then forget across Sahel, El Gouna, Hurghada and even in Sinai. But we begin with our dear Cairo, because if you're stuck in the capital, you deserve not to have to scroll through this whole thing. You're suffering enough.



MINERAL CULT & SHAWERMA (Tuesday 21 August)

Psychedelic house is a thing - a thing that Mineral Cult will be serving up at Cairo Jazz Club, before the brilliantly-named Shawerma takes over with electronic, lounge-lizardus, generative music experience with algorithmic visuals. Yeah, bro - all of those things are things.

DJ A.K (Wednesday 22 August)

This ones simple. It's DJ A.K. It's Wednesday. It's Cairo Jazz Club. It's a night of pure, unadulterated, down and dirty, grimy, bassy, gangsta, OG certified, bangin' hip-hop. How's that for filling up sentences with words when you don't have anything else to say?


While they're usually joined by a couple of dapper-looking Frenchmen, Egyptian Project has been gigging with just its Egyptian wing - and it's made for a string of stunningly minimal live performances. Galabeyahs are optional but highly recommended for the full experience.

FUZZY & JUNIOR (Friday 24 August)

From hip-hop, to Egyptian folkloric to house - it really is the most unique of salads that Cairo Jazz Club is tossing for this rather long holiday. On Friday, the Agouza bar's designated house night, local favourites, Fuzzy and Junior, are in charge of the music.

ASIA MADANI (Saturday 25 August)

One last swerve ball. The inimitable and utterly beguiling Asia Madani rounds off the weekend with her unique Sudanese folk music - a perfectly relaxing, mind-easing end to what looks like a messy (in the best way possible) week. 


BAKIR (Tuesday 21 August)

Now, if you are staying in Cairo and are bummed about it, spare a thought for resident of 6th of October and Sheikh Zayed - they're so close to the Cairo-Alex Desert Road. Oh the torture! Well, 610 has plenty too, starting with Bakir's disco-y disco and funky funk. Breathe.

NOUR PROJECT & BASATA BAND (Wednesday 22 August)

Live music is up next at 610, with two bands that we don't get to see that often. First up is saxophone-led jazzy group, Nour Project, before the bouncy, fun and just overall refreshingly jolly Basata Band make a rare appearance on the nightlife circuit.

AYMAN NAGEEB (Thursday 23 August)

Ayman Nageeb (formerly of popular duo, Fuzzy and Ayman Nageeb, but we don't talk about it because there was some kind of drama behind their split) is the man to bring the noise on Thursday with his trademark *INSERT TYPE OF HOUSE MUSIC HERE*.

ALY GOEDE & KITCHEN CROWD (Friday 24 August)

We don't like to be biased in anyway, but if there's one event in Cairo you should go to this Eid, it's this one. The brilliant and maybe even underrated Aly Goede kicks things off, before one of Jordan's most influential purveyors of electronic music, Kitchen Crowd, takes over.

BRUNCH N CHILL FT. TEDDY (Saturday 25 August)

Scrap that. THIS is the one event you should go to. After a week of either doing fuck all or going out every night because there's no work and you don't have a family to 'ask about you' (bad translation of Egyptian saying), what better way to prepare yourself for going back to work than brunch. And Teddy. But mostly brunch.


GAME NIGHT FT. JACK (Tuesday 21 August)

Get your game on this Tuesday at the Tap Maadi, it's the first day of Eid too so you can finally get your drink on once again and Jack will be providing the beats to this reunion with a little side of beer.

ELLOL (Wednesday 22 August)

For all of you who can't be bothered to travel for hours just for some sunshine, the Tap Maadi has a little something prepared for you this Wednesday. Ellol is going to be behind the decks for the Eid Party and bringing hours of dance-inducing house beats that'll have you forgetting that you never left Cairo in the first place.

SOUL M (Thursday 23 August)

Soul M, much like us, has decided to stay in Cairo this Eid and he's going to be getting behind the deck with a cold beer in hand at the Tap Maadi and you know that it's going to get real hot as soon as he starts pumping those beats and the bass gets roaring, he'll give you an Eid party to remember.

MOBBZ (Friday 24 August)

It's going to be a raging Eid finale for the lucky few who decided to stayed in Cairo. This Friday, Mobbz will be breaking it down behind the deck, bringing a little bit of the ghetto to the clean streets of Maadi. 

NOSTALGIA ft. KARKADAN (Saturday 25 August)

Tunisian Rapper Karkadan is going to be breaking it down old school at the Tap Maadi this Saturday. When we say old school, we mean way back because Karkadan is bringing back a few of those old but gold raps that we still know the words to. It's the last day of Eid so you know you don't want to miss the taste of freedom, and a few nasty verses by Karkadan.


GAME NIGHT ft. KASHOUTY (Tuesday 21 August)

Game Night is just isn't the same without some sexy beats playing as you destroy that guy you just met in beer bong. That's why Kashouty is heading referee and bring some beats so the winner can have some cool tune playing as he throws the final shot and walks away, no explosion though.

FAT SAM (Wednesday 22 August)

The Tap East is about to be bumping to the beats of Fat Sam this Wednesday night. Have you ever wondered why he's called fat sam? Not because of his weight but because his beats always have the phattest bass and it just keeps you bouncing all night long.

SEWWES (Thursday 23 August)

Disco and Funk are making a comeback this Eid with DJ Sewwes headlining at the Tap East to bring new Cairo a little bit of the funk this Eid. If you're looking for the funkiest party in cairo, look no further than right here.

DJ TEDDY (Friday 24 August)

It's time to get up and out of bed. After the first few days of Eid, it's ok to keep your shib-shib on but it's Friday, so put on your heels or sneaks and head down to the Tap East because DJ Teddy is going to be tearing it up behind the deck for one last Eid bash. 

BLUEZOPHRENIA (Saturday 25 August)

Get a little rock and roll in this Eid with Bluezophrenia ending the week with a bang. All your favourite rock hits, acoustic style, only at the Tap East.


GAME NIGHT ft. TEDDY (Tuesday 21 August)

It's the first day of Eid and everyone is wet from all that liquor but if you head to the Tap West, you can also get your fill while playing some drinking games and listening to the swishing beats of DJ Teddy.

ARMEN V (Wednesday 22 August)

Armen Van Buren's cousin is heading to the Tap West to deal out some sexy house beats that'll have you celebrating the feast in style. Better leave your sleepy friends behind because vacations are made for partying.

KASHOUTY (Thursday 23 August)

Everybody loves music that gets you and who brings it better than Kashouty at the Tap West? She'll have you dancing to those pop hits you know you can't resist shaking your thang to and they'll be blaring all night long. With only 2 days of Eid left, you need be bringing your A game!

DJ FEEDO (Friday 24 August)

This week in Cairo will be far from quiet at the Tap West with a Friday night filled with booty poppin' and hip droppin'. DJ Feedo will be stepping up to the plate and he'll be bringing a few of his well known mashups and mixes to get the night moving at double speed for Eid.

MARIAM GHAREEB ( Saturday 25 August)

Mariam Ghareeb is heading to the Tap West to give us a little soothing recovery sesh for those who went too hard last night. Her awesome acoustic covers will definitely give you the relief you need to keep you going for that last drink before Eid is over. You may have to face everyone you've been avoiding all week though!


MIDWEEK UNIQUE ft. DJ DINA (Tuesday 21 August)

Spice up the middle of your week with some spicy music by the diva herself, DJ Dina, one of Cairo's few female DJ's and boy does she know how to represent.

SAGHAT NIGHT (Thursday 23 August)

Underground is getting back in touch with it's Egyptian roots and is starting up Sagat Night every Thursday bringing hours of hip wrangling belly dancers to twirl the night away followed by the House DJ's underground sets.

BASHEER (Friday 24 August)

Basheer's Nubian folk is going to be getting everyone into a funky mood this Friday at Underground. You'll be going in Egyptian with a little more pizzaz after hearing what Basheer's got to sing.

OLDIES MUSIC (Saturday 25 August)

Forget about that time machine because every Saturday Underground is bringing us a few blasts from the past that'll have you feeling like it's still the summer of 69, unless you aren't old enough. Either way you'll be filled with some good old nostalgia and get to re-live those old bar days, or just see how mommy and daddy used to party it up.

LADIES NIGHT ft. DJ FEEDO @ GU BAR (Tuesday 21 August) 

Every Tuesday, Zamalek Nile-side haunt, Gŭ Bar, invites one and all for a special hip-hop and r&b night courtesy of the one and only DJ Feedo - and ladies don't pay minimum charge. Sorry guys, y'all have to pay EGP 250 minimum charge, because that's just life.



MOHAMED RASHED @ NOX (Wednesday 22 August)

Heading all the way from Tanta to the Ritz, Mohamed Rashad is going to liven up your Eid with some swingin' Egyptian Pop that'll have you lighting up the Ritz and moving your hips, especially as you see the belly dancer's limber legs moving in ways you never thought possible.

DJ SCOOTER & ALLA KUSHNIR (Thursday 23 August)

We're betting you're pretty happy to miss the rush and enjoy an empty Cairo but it's not that empty at the Ritz. DJ Scooter is setting up house and what a coincidence he's going to share it with us and get this house party started, but not before Alla Kushnir gets on the stage and starts twisting and turning to the beats. After all, what's Eid without a little belly dancing. 


LIVE MUSIC & DJ (Wednesday 22 August)

Get your Eid on at the Ritz with their ultra-chic chalets that'll give you privacy when you want it or open it up and start working towards that tan. During the day their live DJ is going to have you chillaxing all day with smooth beats until night falls and then some live music takes over and you'll get serenaded by not one guitarists, but three. A relaxing pool day is just what you need to recover during Eid.

WAVE JAZZ BAND (Saturday 25 August)

The Wave Jazz Band is going to making more than a few waves this Eid at the Ritz Carlton with their summery jazz tunes breaking the silence and lively tunes to keep you excited about seeing your family. 


SASSY TUESDAYS (Tuesday 21 August)

It's always time for a good night full of sarcasm, but hopefully you aren't giving anyone too much attitude because Sass is about live music, delicious drinks, having a good time with a little bit of pizzazz, a little sass isn't a bad thing at all and during Eid you know everyone's going to be a little extra sassy.

THURSDAY NIGHT (Thursday 23 August)

Eid is always for family and friends, but what if you're feeling just too sassy to be able to take the usual run of family drama? well, Sass is here to help you take a load off with some live music, delicious eats and a few drinks to take the edge off and get that Eid vibe, right in the heart of Cairo.

FRIDAYS (Friday 24 August)

This Eid has everyone feeling a little fresher than the week before, but as the week goes on everyone is getting real sassy. There's only one place that'll have your levels of sass going down, and that's Sass in Zamalek. The live music, the delicious drinks and the fabulous food will have you enjoying what's left of Eid instead of looking at how much time is left till you're headed back to work.


FLOAT ft. N SAFFOURI (Tuesday 21 August)

This week's edition of The Garden Nile Front's Float sees the Manyal bar kick off a special Eid program with Spanish house DJ, N. Saffouri, who headlines a line-up also featuring. DJ Tee and DJ W.A.H.B.A.

NILE VIBES ft. EL NENNI (Thursday 23 August) 

The Garden Nile Front in El Manyal kicks off the weekend with another edition of Nile Vibes, which will this time feature the button-pushing talents of local DJs, El Nenni, Islam Mico and Ali.

RNB ft. GOBLIN (Friday 24 August)

Friday at The Garden Nile Front sees the Manyal bar get down and dirty with a night of hip-hop and r&b, courtesy of Goblin, who's apparently a very nice guy, ddespite his name.


ORB OF THE NIGHT FT. DJ APPO (Wednesday 22 August)

This Eid, that orb of the night is going to light the way on our wild night. Keji is at the end of the light and DJ Appo is all set up to make sure that the light never strays because his sick beats will keep everyone transfixed all night long.

MOVE TO THE GROOVE FT. DJ MASRY (Thursday 23 August)

Keji is taking this Eid seriously and wants to make sure that you're doing your duty and moving to the groove. That's why they've rustled up DJ Masry to give us the vibe and the Jams that'll keep us moving all night long.

LA FIESTA FT MORDY (Friday 24 August) 

It's been a long week and there's no better way to say good bye to Eid and all of the things we'll miss than with a Fiesta, and Mordy's got everything he needs in the trunk so let's zoom off to Keji and enjoy the break while it's still here!


R&B NIGHTS FT. SOUL M (Wednesday 22 August)

You just walked in to Opia for the usual R&B Nights, but for some reason it's still popping, and that's because Soul M decided to ditch his friends and bring the party to Cairo. All the way on the 36th floor, those beats are going to be shaking the ground and getting you feeling funky fresh cause its Eid so you better party like it is.

THURSDAY FT. NADER NELSON (Thursday 23 August)

This Thursday, Opia is bringing all the Cairo people together who just couldn't make it out. Nader Nelson decided he wants to throw a raging house party for the select few that are still here, and it's all happening at Opia. Take a break from sleeping and lounging around to get wild on the 36th floor.


Mareen El Masry will be running the drum circle this Tabla Night at Opia. She'll have you running around and jiving to the drum beats that'll give your Eid a little spunk. Just make sure you put your drink down because you won't be able to think once this percussionist gets his groove on.

WAVE JAZZ BAND @ BAR ORO ( Thursday 23 & Friday 24 August) 

The Wave Jazz Band will be spicing up Bar Oro at the Ritz with some jazzy tunes to spice up your Eid. Catch them on the 23rd and 24th so you can get your drink on to some spicy tunes.



NOSTALGIA BIL ARABI (Tuesday 21 August)

DJ Lyon will be taking over at 6IX degrees to bring us back to all those Eids feels, thanks to all those Arabic hits that'll be blasting from the speakers. Prepare to break it down on the dance-floor, old school, while Linda shows us how Belly Dancing hasn't changed one bit, and is still as sexy and entrancing as it's always been. 

RAGHEB ALAMA (Wednesday 22 August)

Ragheb Alama, still looking good after all those years, is heading to Sahel with the family for Eid. This fox will be to rocking the stage with some Lebanese pop that'll have you sneaking out to shake your booty because let's be serious, you're not going to take you're whole family to 6IX Degrees.

ALO ft. POUSSY & LEITHY (Thursday 23 August)

Alo? Baba finn? 6IX Degrees is where he's at because Mahmoud El Leithy is going to be there and you know no one wants to miss that. Rap legend Poussy is will also be displaying some of her rhyming lyrics to send you all into a raving mood where you just can't stop moving. The weekend at 6IX Degrees is starting just on the right note, just for Eid.

MAYA DIAB (Friday 24 August)

6IX Degrees is about to get hit with something big! No, not Amr Diab; it's Maya Diab. The glamorous singer will be making waves in Sahel with her fans going crazy, and 6IX degrees is definitely going to be filled with everyone screaming her name. Maya may be the star of the show, but DJ Hadi and Johara will definitely get their share of the limelight as they each take the stage to give everyone the hip-shaking night they deserve. After all it is Eid, and nothing but the best for our lovely sahelites. 


This Saturday, 6IX Degrees is having its final round for Ballantine parties and they're leaving on a note that's as hot as fire. Hours upon hours of back to back sets of house music is going to be filling all of your ears and it's not going to stop any time soon. Mohasseb and Abou Samra are starting it off with some sizzling house followed by A squared and Jimmy's own little concoction that'll see all of you on the floor for hours, the dance floor that is. Ballantines has really outdone itself, hopefully you'll have Sunday off because there is a low chance of making it back to Cairo after this hard-hitter.


ONLY US ft. A SQUARED (Tuesday 21 August)

A Squared is putting the house in house party at this Danos party. Danos is calling this night only us because it'll just be you guys getting down and dirty to  A-Squared's infamous beats that'll have you shuffling and moving in ways you didn't even know you could. We're just sayin', If anyone could see you from the outside right they'd be pretty surprised at seeing everyone dancing like they're in a music video.

COCKTAILS WITH SAM (Wednesday 22 August) 

The best cocktails are obvs by the beach, and hands down Danos has some of the fruitiest and smoothest cocktails out there! Now imagine sipping on one of those bad boys with the fresh Sahel breeze tickling your face and Sam dealing some fresh beats behind the decks? Sounds like the perfect summer outing to us.

SUNBRELLA ft. USX (Wednesday 22 August)

Sunbrella is kicking off this Eid in style with their out-of-this world parties. This Eid sees DJ USX getting behind the deck for what looks like Sahel's biggest day bash at Danos Beach. The Sun is shining, the sea is crystal clear and DJ USX's house beats are taking over this serene coastal paradise. If you aren't dancing up a storm, then you probably need to recharge at the Bar.


DJ FUZZY(Wednesday 22 August)

DJ Fuzzy is starting this Eid Party a little early at Salt. No one sleeps in when they're at Sahel, that's why when DJ Fuzzy gets behind the deck for this day party, he's going to be greeted by all those party animals who can't say no to a day party. Drinking during the day in Sahel is almost a tradition and Salt wants to keep it going.

DJ SARY (Thursday 23 August) 

Everyone loves a good excuse to day drink and Salt wis giving us just that. Get groovy to the beats of DJ Sary while taking in more than a few shots of that good stuff to get those feet making tracks all over the beach. Grab that towel and swimsuit and get down to Salt to get your party started the Sahel way, in the sun.

DJ LYON (Friday 24 August, 1PM) 

DJ Lyon is going to hosting this beachy party to get your EID on. His house beats are going to get you jumping up and down in that crystal clear water, not just to avoid the swell, but because this Eid party is going take it up a notch and give you some beats you just can't stop moving to.


Sobhi Bidair is going to be bringing his booming opera voice to Salt beach along with Nayer Nagui on the piano. This Friday, Salt is going classy with these opera stars. It's not that often that you get to go to the opera at the beach, and Salt is bringing both to you, just for Eid.

SALTY SALSA FT. HARFOUSH (Saturday 25 August)

This Saturday the Salsa is going to be spilled all over salt beach as Harfoush gets ready to end the week with some spicy Latin vibes that'll have you doing the Tango singing la bamba until the sun sets.


Don't you love watching people fail at Karaoke? What about when they don't fail? That plot twist, along with a few drinks makes Karaoke Night what it is. For this edition at Cheers Sahel, Harfoush himself will be getting on-stage, which might be how he started singing in the first place. Get on stage and show them how much you've been practicing, unless you get a bad song, then it's not entirely your fault.

L'EXTASE @ RIVIERA BEACH CLUB ( Thursday 23 August)

As part of a special Eid celebration, Sahel's Riviera Beach Club welcomes London favourite, Betoko, and French phenom, Matt Sassari, for a huge day of house, that will also include local DJs, SHIHA, Jimmy, Dou, Zio and more.

AMR DIAB @ BO HUB (Friday 24 August)

The man, the myth, the muscular legend, Abr 'El Hadaba' Diab, is back in action for the long Eid break, with the enduring Egyptian pop singer taking to stage at BO Hub, BO Islands for a special concert.


EID PARTY @ CLUB 88 (Tuesday 21 August)

Gouna's ludicrously popular Club 88 marks the Eid holiday with a huge poolside day party and DJ Sam providing a mishmash of music.


Gouna's DuPort Club invites boundary-crossing Belgian DJ, Lennert Wolfs, for a huge night marking the long Eid break.



Hurghada's Elements Club & Lounge celebrates Eid with Barcelona-born house DJ, Baum, for a night that's set to gone till the wee hours of the morning.



Taking place is Downtown Dahab, the increasingly popular Chill O'Posite festival is back, bigger and better than ever, with this year's international artists including Dandara, Just Ema Kool and Nick Warren. The four day festival will also host several artists from around the Middle East, including AVIBOLD, The Disc Jockeys, Plus Nine Zeven Zero and SOU, as well as Egyptian acts, Akladios, Fulltone, Ouzo, Sebzz and many more. For more information, click here.



HOUSE STATION (Tuesday 21 August)

Sam Loca is the man in charge of the music this Monday at Bus Stop, as part of the Sahl Hasheesh bar's special Eid program for another edition of House Station.

THE BLENDER (Thursday 23 August)

As part of Bus Stop Sahl Hasheesh's Eid special, one of the bar's favourite nights, The Blender, is back, with DJ K. Habashy providing a mix of everything from pop to hip-hop favourites.

THE ONE FOUR FIVE (Friday 24 August)

Taking a break from DJs, Bus Stop Sahl Hasheesh hosts a special night of live music, as Cairo-based blues and swing band, The One Four Five, take  to the stage.

FRESH BEATS (Satursday 25 August)

Bus Stop Sahl Hasheesh winds down the weekend wid da freshest hip-hop and r&b beats, courtesy of local DJs, Diz, Bouda and Habashy.

Check out more events and Eid malarkey on the CairoScene events section.