Saturday May 18th, 2024
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Hundreds Gather in Cairo Animal Rights Protest

We headed out to Zamalek this weekend to join the animal rights rally spurred by the recent footage of a dog being brutally murdered in Cairo.

Staff Writer

Hundreds Gather in Cairo Animal Rights Protest

Following the arrest of the three men charged with murdering Max the dog, as seen in a gruesome video that went viral, a protest was organised this weekend by Animal Advocates of Egypt to "stop any scene or act of violence committed towards any living being." Hundreds of people from all walks of life gathered at Gezirah Square holding a mainly silent protest with signs and flyers both damning Max's murderers and educating a country much in need on the importance of caring for animals. Whilst many drivers and pedestrians passing by cheered on the rally's efforts, there were also many shouting out slogans apposing such as "What about the humans?" Well, as one of the mottos for this protest goes: humans that are violent towards animals are five times more likely to be violent towards other people, and if just one person absorbed this as new information then it was a successful protest that will hopefully add towards evolving the attitude towards helpless animals in Egypt. Check out photos of the rally below...

Photography by Muhammed Reda Saad