Saturday June 15th, 2024
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Le Duplex: The Best of All Worlds

Less than two months old and already making waves, Cairo's newest nightspot Le Duplex is making its mark on the city and carving its way to our hearts with incredible food and a myriad of epic musical nights.

Staff Writer

Le Duplex: The Best of All Worlds

What do nightlife spots L’Aubergine, Stiletto, El Mojito, and Cairo Jazz Club all have in common? They were all started by Nicha Sursock, the man once dubbed ‘Egypt’s Club Daddy’ in recognition of his many contributions to the country’s now prolific nightlife scene. Sursock has launched a total of 45 nightclubs and bars, with Le Duplex being his latest; Club Daddy teamed up with Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah to gift the city that never sleeps with its newest night time hub.     

On the first floor of the iconic Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah stands the picturesque Le Duplex. Less than two months old and already making waves, the gorgeous two-floor bistro and bar boasts one of the city’s finest Nile views, but what good is a Nile view if you cannot enjoy it extremely loud (on account of the Shaabi tunes emanating from the feluccas) and incredibly close? The venue is beautifully accoutred with a spacious terrace overlooking the longest river in the world. The Zen Terrace, as it has come to be known, witnessed notoriously fastidious fashionista Hadia Ghaleb’s birthday bash two weeks ago.

Notoriously fastidious fashionista Hadia Ghaleb takes over the decks for her birthday party bash #3eedMiladElGhaleb @ Le Duplex

Not that spectacular views are Le Duplex’ only perk. A fully functional bar and lounge occupy the top floor while an exotic Indian bistro sits elegantly downstairs and the higher you go, the broader the culinary scope gets; the upstairs bar serves international cuisine, finger food and mezzehs.

As for entertainment, Le Duplex is forging a different path for itself with unique and wide-ranging entertainment concepts. “We don’t like routine and tried and tested formulas,” says consultant and managing partner Sursock. The riverside venue’s entertainment repertoire is definitely not your run-of-the-mill line-up, but rather innovative and refreshing sounds; from club nights to live music and everything in between. In fact, the venue’s Disco Juice Nights are broadcast live on New York’s Newtown Radio every Saturday. Every night is different; you can expect to be treated to a much needed dose of flamboyant Latino melodies or sultry French tunes, like a breath of fresh air blowing through our stagnant night life music landscape. As for the less musically adventurous, they are always welcome to stop by the nightery on their legendary Deep House nights. 

DJs Kidmins and Akladios bringing down the house @ Le Duplex' Triple X!

Le Duplex is really the cherry on top of Cairo’s loud nightlife cake; from entertainment to cuisine, the place caters for all tastes and preferences. Your night out can be a quiet scrumptious dinner, a tranquil nightcap or a feverish clubbing session or all three! That’s the beauty of Le Duplex, it can be anything and everything you want it to be.

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