Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Philip Kingsley Teams Up with Mohamed Al Sagheer Salon to Save Our Hair

The first ever stand-alone Philip Kingsley consultation room in the world, Mohamed Al Sagheer's Zamalek centre is now home to the hair health and trichology experts revolutionary new approach. We treat our tresses...

Staff Writer

Philip Kingsley Teams Up with Mohamed Al Sagheer Salon to Save Our Hair

Let’s be honest. For the most part, Egyptian hair can be troublesome to say the least. Now, of course there are exceptions (we’re looking at you, Lara Scandar) but our genetics combined with our atmosphere and our lifestyles makes maintaining a lovely head of hair pretty elusive. Looking to solve our bad hair days forever is the man who coined the term ‘bad hair day’ himself, haircare and trichology guru Philip Kingsley himself. For the first time ever, the British clinic has left the confines of medical centres and has opened up a stand-alone consultation room at the iconic Mohamed Al Sagheer salon in Zamalek. Now, this is not your average haircare brand expanding into Egypt. No – what makes Philip Kingsley stand apart is that they look at your hair through a medial lense, not a cosmetic one. As such, treatments, solutions and routines suggested by the highly-trained team at Al Sagheer are based on a thorough consultations and examinations taking everything from your diet to your iron levels into account when diagnosing  your hair troubles. Officially opening their professional treatment room in Zamalek on June 1st, we got a chance to meet the UK team and have our own trichology consultation with shiny, long-lasting results.

We head to the dedicated Philip Kingsley consultation room and expect the usual scenario – gossiping girls, friendly chit chat between technicians and clients and the general hum of blowdryers. Instead, we were swept away into a calm oasis, much like a high-end medical centre. With the scene set and introductions made, it was time for  our diagnosis.  Asked a series of questions, ranging from what we usually eat, to how long we sleep, how regular our menstruation patterns are, if we take any medication and more, we were surprised at how in-depth the technicians got to find out the roots of our hair problems. We felt like we were in a doctor’s office which, instead of worrying, was actually soothing – the team has clearly been trained by the best, as the professionalism and skill of the original Philip Kingsley clinic in London left its mark with the Egyptian staff.

We quickly learned some important facts about hair in relation to the body and how our behaviours take a toll on our locks. Most noticeably, the team explained that your body considers the hair a  non-vital part of the system, and as such, when your body is low in essential nutrients, vitamins or minerals, your hair is the first to suffer as your body tries to keep the more vital organs and systems running. As such, the team were shocked to hear about our terrible daily routines. Apparently, a diet of black coffee and cigarettes is not only taking its toll on our health, but our beauty too. After telling them our deepest darkest habits, a quick physical examination to test hair strength and scalp condition and we were set for a treatment and dietary programme especially tailored for our needs.

Firstly, we were told to eat more frequently, which is never a bad diagnosis. Nuts and fruits were recommended to bring our essential oil and vitamin quota up to scratch and keep our hair pumped full of vital nutrients. Next, we were recommended to take blood tests to measure our iron and B12 levels. The consultant explained that though these levels might be adequate to keep up us healthy and not anaemic, levels need to be a bit higher than average in order to combat hair issues. Next it was on to the treatment and based on our hair’s condition we were off to the sink for a wash using their Re-Moisturizing Shampoo pretty much designed for Egyptian hair. Once rinsed off, their groundbreaking Elasticizer was applied and to our hair which has been left dry, porous and thirsty for love from years of straightening, sunshine and swimming pools. Providing instant hydration their revolutionary product was activated by 20 minutes under the steamer after which it was rinsed out. After that, our treatment plan saw Scalp Toner applied to the skin, stimulating blood supply to the scalp, absorbing excess oil and protecting against bacterial attack. Next came the best part – a soothing scalp massage. Massages are not just the best way to end a day but also stimulate your scalp and thus your hair and helps the nutrients flow to every end. At the end of the session, we got our regular blow dry except with drastically different results. Our hair was glossier than the latest issue of Vogue and looked visibly healthier, bouncier and more alive. Even two weeks later, our hair seems stronger, more manageable and always shiny, despite finding it more than difficult to alter our diet in the ways recommended. Nonetheless, we’ve scheduled weekly treatments to keep on the right path.

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