Friday February 23rd, 2024
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Powerhouse Gym: A Gym Like No Other

We head over to 6th October's biggest, brightest gym to speak with the founders on how they customise work outs and enhance the exercise experience...

Staff Writer

“Everyone wants to be healthy, but we all hate working out." With these words, Islam Azab, Seif Azab, and Aly Talawy, co-founders of Powerhouse Gym in 6th of October opened the conversation when we met them to talk about their revolutionary new gym. Powerhouse Gym, adjacent to Arkan, vows to be different and make working out fun. As a result, Powerhouse is more than just a gym. It is a hang out spot, a spa, a place to have fun and make new friends. But most importantly, it is a place that has the potential to change your life.

Islam shows us around his brand new gym that has been transforming bodies for the past six months. We sample the innovative treadmill with a large screen that takes us through the forests of Germany as we run at our own pace. We also admire the extensive weight training equipment and beautifully lit classroom that hosts the largest exercise class schedule in all of 6th of October. On top of that, Aly shows us the Pro Bar, managed by The Coffee Club, which offers nutritious food and drinks and company to those who didn't just come for a work out. "We want you to come home from work and actually look forward to working out at Powerhouse," Talawy tells us of the decision to also include a sauna, steam room, massage room and tanning booth in their gym.

There is no such thing as just a membership at Powerhouse Gym. All members are part of the best equipped gym in Egypt, ranging from the most up-to-date technologies and fitness trends to the most exciting design. The whole space is designed to make their clients feel good while working out. "Working out is easy. The battle is to actually go to the gym," the founders tell us. To counter this attitude, they decided to spare no cost to design a gym that is more than just a room with fitness equipment. Getting people to make the decision to go to the gym, Islam says, is the true challenge. "What if we give you a place that you actually want to go to? Then you are dedicated, and dedication is 80% of the way to true success." To achieve that, Powerhouse Gym has invested in incredible lighting and a top notch sound system. They even got an in-house DJ that mixes exclusive tracks to enhance the work out experience.

The idea to open a gym came to the team when they realised that all other gyms are not fulfilling what they really want from a work out. The rest would always sell a membership based on a period of time, and promise results that never came. So the boys of Powerhouse Gym came up with a new concept: "Why join a gym based on time when you can join based on results?" they tell us when introducing their new Elite Programs. "Most people ask a gym what they offer," Islam tells us, "But we ask 'What do you need?'". The four programmes on offer, Express Fat Loss, Sculpt The Queen, The Champ and Transformation Challenge, are custom-made exercise plans that come with nutrition assistance, personal training, body assessments and everything one would need to achieve the results they desire. Additionally, Powerhouse Gym uses the smart phone app LFConnect which syncs membership cards with your phone so you can track your workout. Upon connecting, users are told what they achieved in their work outs and how to best enhance results in future sessions.

The gym is filled with fit people who have had great experiences and results. One of them begins telling us about his impressive weight loss of 22 kilograms in the last three months. "When I first met Mr Nasser I told him I wanted to be a fit guy," Ahmed Gamal El Deeb tells us of the first encounter with former Army body builder Nasser Dorgham, Powerhouse Gym's manager. El Deeb did not believe three months would be enough to show any results, yet he realised weight loss results after just one month. The best benefits and the reason El Deeb became a work(out)aholic, however, started showing after one week: "I started to realise I had become calmer; with my wife, at work, I started to see changes in m personality", he says. Powerhouse provided him with the motivation and strength to make these changes happen. "A day I don't come to Powerhouse is a lost day in my life!"

The right people to come to Powerhouse Gym, the trio says, are people "thinking outside the box." With passion, excitement, and a desire to be different they created a gym that is unlike others: focused on results, making workouts fun and making clients feel at home instead of bothered. The ultra modern design and originally-mixed music enhances every work out so that we can't help but to feel the urge to get on the weight bench right away and get out heart rates up. Powerhouse Gym is truly a place you can get fit and healthy but it is also a place you are never alone and can relieve all the stress bottled inside you.

For more information, visit the Powerhouse Gym's website.