Friday June 21st, 2024
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Werk It: Egypt's Newest DJ School

Founded by DJs and industry pros Mostafa Emad and Sherif Gewefil, Cairo's newest spinning academy promises to get you behind the decks in one month flat...

Staff Writer

Werk It: Egypt's Newest DJ School

The saying floating about these days is that everybody is a DJ. It's said with a biting tongue and roll of the eyes, that is until of course that same person is stood in the middle of the crowd watching said DJ crack a smile behind the decks as five hundred hands are raised in unison, and they think fuck it, I'd like to do that... I can do that. Now, a DJ will always tell you "I can teach you how to DJ in a day, it's easy." This is of course an exaggeration; it takes a lot of dedication, passion and practice to become a good DJ, but at the end of the day it still is the quickest and most practicle way to express yourself, and although it might not take a day to learn, new DJ school, Werk It, are promising to get you behind the decks in one month.

Founded by Mostafa Emad, DJ at Electrum Records and Sherif Gewefil, Producer and DJ at Nile Radio Productions (NileFM), the first courses kick off on Sunday January 18th at their studio space in Mossadak Street, Dokki with flexible timings for kids wanting to learn who still have busy university and school schedules. "Our mission, is to educate, inspire, and release the inner talents of music and sound enthusiasts all over Egypt," Emad told us, who will be tutoring students along with Gewefil.

The courses provide all the base knowledge to get you on the way to spinning stardom. Everything from mixing techniques to track selection using both analogue and digital mixing, while also giving them the insights needed, from how to create and maintain their own unique media presence to gig preparation.

The classes are three times a week, two hours per class and will initially cost 1,700 LE whilst they're also going to be running a competition that offers one lucky girl the opportunity to take our course in half price 50% off.

For more information or to enroll, if it's it worth it, let them werk it, put your thing down, flip it and reverse it... then visit their fanpage here or e-mail