Friday June 14th, 2024
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The Pop-Up Shop

Downtown Katameya plays host to a unique pop-up concept store for one month only. We speak to the geniuses behind the kitsch idea to find out more.

Staff Writer

The Pop-Up Shop

What comes to mind when you hear the word pop? Goes the weasel? 'N Sync? Or, more likely (unless you're a really big 'N Sync fan, ahem, us) it's the funky, uber-colorful art version of the term and Andy Warhol's Campbell soup cans flash in your mind's eye, along with all things kitsch. If you're a fan of the aforementioned soup cans, comic craziness, newspaper-infused elements, and the whole pop-arty thing, and we know we are, then you will find your happy place at The Pop-Up Shop that's opening up tomorrow, for one month only, over at Downtown Mall in Katameya.

Started by some seriously artistic minds including Ghada El Shiry and Dina Sabet, concept store Misc, and event management company Lela Et Lali, they wanted to inject a dose of funk into Katameya. One of the brains behind the operation, Laila Helaly says, "Katameya is an area where there's not much that's not mainstream." So they decided to go ahead and change that. Opening up tomorrow, Tuesday 3rd of June, the store's been teasing about its launch for some time now, starting a viral campaign on social media where they asked people to post their own photos of pop art with the hashtag #pop, without actually letting the cat out of the bag about what this #pop hashtag was all about or what it was leading to. The cute teaser campaign garnered a host of funky photos, and eventually they announced what was in the works.

The one-month pop-up store will feature "everything from rings to linens," according to Helaly. They've gathered a myriad of international and local designers and are featuring a huge variety of – for lack of a better word – stuff, at the new store. From clothes to jewellery, and with tastes that cater to every Cairene, ranging from pieces that are more funky and pop-art-y for the younger set to more classy, mature items (i.e. you can totally bring your mum and she'll love it too). Some of the local darlings they’ve tapped to feature their pieces at the pop-up store include Ayten Bijoux and her golden statement jewellery, Urban Nomad with some of their funky lighting fixtures, Block B furniture who funk-up, pimp out and overall revive chairs that are in a sort of vintage French style, and Mounaya, a brand which itself features loads of independent Egyptian brands. They’ve also got Malayka linens being featured at the store, a community-conscious brand that creates linens entirely handmade by local women so that they can be work from home and be financially independent. If that didn’t melt your heart we don’t know what will.

The store will be flinging open its proverbial doors tomorrow so prepare for a little spree. They're opening right next to H&M and Paul, aka two of our favourite places in the mall, and will also have coffee and desserts on hand for all the foodies out there. Enjoy.