Friday December 8th, 2023
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Single Review: Egyptian Producer Hady Tarek and Jaap Lightart Remix Radiohead's 'There There'

It's no easy task remixing an already great piece of music.

Staff Writer

When you remix a piece that's already great, you better be ready to make it amazing. Many classics have been remixed and flopped; a few, however, were stellar. This remix is of the latter. Hady Tarek and Jaap Lightheart take on Radiohead's There There rather successfully, we might say. It starts with a four/four kick drum and continues for a few seconds before muffled toms bring in the baseline – a relentless groove that just keeps on going. The vocal drops and instantly takes the track to higher levels.A lead synth, modulation effects, and a well-programmed rhythm section make up the main chunk of this track. The soundscape fills up and clears down as variations of each section come in. The track nears the ending as it peels off, subsequently deflating the sound spectrum, and as swiftly as it came in it ends. An amazing attempt on the original, a well-rounded remix that is sure to impress any listener, whether they are fans of Radiohead or not. 

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