Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Subb-an and In2Deep to Take Nacelle House Sessions To Its Final Resting Place

House Sessions is coming to an end, with Subb-an and In2Deep taking the helm for one more (and last ever) good, old-fashion Nacelle dance floor romp, before leading our favourite night to its final resting place in the hall of clubbing glory.

Staff Writer

Subb-an and In2Deep to Take Nacelle House Sessions To Its Final Resting Place

We cannot comprehend the fact that Nacelle's House Sessions will in fact come to a grinding halt after this coming Thursday. Our last ever House Sessions; why, God WHY? Actually; why, Tito? Why did it have to end like this? Was it our obnoxious, awkward dance moves? Or is it because when we throw up we never make it to the bathrooms? Did we not buy enough drinks at the bar? Or was it that time we tried to steal one of your Funktion One speakers? No wait, no one ever caught us doing that; well, now that you know, we promise we won’t try to steal your massive speakers ever again, and we will spend all of our salaries at the bar every day - even when there is no House Sessions happening. We’re even willing to sell our souls to the Dark Princes of House Sessions – a.k.a Moez & Hisham - for another hit – err, we mean party. 

It seems our requests will not be accommodated; the boys behind the most successful nightlife brand in town have had their fill of House Sessions, and after all these years having to deal with our crazy shenanigans, they have had enough. Thanks to each one of you assholes that ruined this for us by getting really drunk and extremely rambunctious – no, wait, that was us. Okay, thank all of you fuck faces for showing up late and making a scene at the door after learning that doors close at 11 and insisting that you get in – ohh, no, wait, that was us too! Alright, thanks to each and every one of you ungrateful nitwits for calling the Nacelle hotline over and over again trying to get people on the list after it was officially closed – crap, that was us again. Oh well, it was great while it lasted; we are sorry, Nacelle, for all the fucked up shit that we did in there that you guys tolerated. We hope that you guys move on to bigger, better projects that we can all enjoy with you, without the obnoxious antics and drunken shenanigans that we used to pull at House Sessions.

The good news is that we will be getting one more chance to tear The Temple's dance floor a new one. Not only that, but this time the booking is one not to be missed or messed with. It is a booking to rival all bookings previously made in Cairo - no joke. This Thursday, the city's partygoers and beautiful dance-move-throwers, are invited to witness the musical phenomenon that is Subb-an. The dude is one of the world’s fastest talents to rise to prominence in a very short time; back in 2006, the man played his very first live set alongside Dinky and Mathew Styles at the then-unknown Rainbow Courtyard - now that is what we call debuting in style. Subb-an released music on several of the underground’s most prominent labels; can you say Crosstown Rebels? He released on other labels too, like his own imprint in partnership with Adam Shelton - One Records, Leeds based 20/20 Vision, Silver Network, and others. What we can assure you of is that Subb-an's productions, live sets, and DJ sets are an unparalleled phenomenon that has been taking the House/Techno world by storm. With a new sound for every occasion, you can rest assured that you will be hearing new material that you have not had the pleasure of dancing to before.

Now for the homegrown musical export that was thrust forth from our beloved country’s dirty, grimy, underground musical womb. In2Deep is the Canadian/Egyptian duo consisting of Hassan Kamel and Omar Bakir; founders of L'enfant Terrible Records, they are an act that made it abroad before enjoying success here at home. The Electronica artists based in Montreal have played gigs all over Canada and have been invited time and time again to take over the decks of several parties here in Egypt. Producers/DJs with many original releases under their belts, they are sure to impress on every occasion and have continuously done so in the past. Whether on warm-up duty like they are on Thursday or headlining, we can feel safe with our lives in their hands. Many a time have we said “last night a DJ saved my life,” and many a time that DJ was In2deep. 

Y’all now the drill; no tears now, we can barely hold them back ourselves. Get them reservations in order, and we *sobs* will see you *sobs* on the dance floor *sniffles*.