Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Art Platform ‘Art Empowers’ is Combating COVID-19 Anxiety Through Online Art Therapy Workshops

The online platform is giving amateur and professional artists the opportunity to express themselves through art.

Staff Writer

Believing in the cathartic power of art, local art platform Art Empowers will be holding an online art therapy workshop titled ‘Art n’ Soul'  to help both amateur and professional artists navigate their confusion and anxieties during these trying times. The platform – launched in October 2019 by Shaymaa Hesham and Ahmed Khaled – offer courses and workshops to empower artists, providing them with an opportunity for recognition and networking them with other artists.

“Right now, many people are incredibly stressed and demotivated. This workshop provides them with an opportunity to let out their thoughts through art,” Hesham told CairoScene, “Art empowers, and we want to empower people in a different way.” Their first online art therapy workshop, taught by artist and art therapist Aliaa El Sheikh, invites artists or art enthusiasts to join, regardless of their experience or artistic background. There, they can explore their thoughts and emotions. The workshop also spares artists  the burden of having to buy art materials, as you get a comprehensive art kit delivered to your home including Canon sheets, brushes, paints and pencil colours upon registering.

In the future, the platform will organize more art workshops targeting intermediate and advanced artists seeking to learn new techniques or further nurture their talents, as well as providing them with the opportunity to connect with the local art community.

The workshop – which costs EGP 750 - will be held on both May 2nd 2020 and May 9th 2020. You can register for either of them. Once you do, you’ll receive a course description and payment method details. The course will be held on Zoom, and Art Empowers will be sending login details closer to the date you applied for. To fill in the form, visit and for further inquiries, contact the platform via Instagram or Facebook.