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Cairo Saturday Walks Exhibition Displays Urban Beauty in Maadi

This will be the fourth edition of the Cairo Saturday Walks Exhibition.

Cairo Saturday Walks Exhibition

The fourth edition of the Cairo Saturday Walks Exhibition will be hosted at the NWT House in Maadi. The intimate showcase of Cairo's urban treasures will take place between November 11th to November 22nd.

The exhibition is a culmination of Saturday Morning Walks, which are led every week by interior architect-turned-photographer Karim El Hayawan. The walks started out as a personal project; El Hayawan would pursue his passion for photography and the city of Cairo by walking down its streets and alleyways and capturing any bit of beauty he could find.

"I started exploring the streets every Saturday as some sort of practice and then some friends started joining me," El Hayawan said to CNN Arabic. "It reached out to an international crowd. We created a hashtag on Instagram and everyone started pooling in their photographs."

Soon, many fellow photographers - both local and foreign - regularly joined El Hayawan on his Saturday Morning Walks. Over 500 people would join him over the years to record the city, with its buildings and its people, from new angles and perspectives that would uncover a fresh understanding of its beauty and history.

El Hayawan was recently interviewed by CairoScene about his participation at this year's Art D'Egypte event, where his work is currently exhibited along the historical Mu'iz Street.