Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Egyptian Sound Designer Featured in New Brad Pitt Film, 'Allied'

Hollywood Sound Designer Randy Thom called upon Fady Garas, an Egyptian sound designer, to record sounds used in his newest film starring Brad Pitt.

Staff Writer

It's always good news when any Egyptian's work is used in Hollywood. This time around, Sound Designer Fady Garas was banked upon by Hollywood Sound Designer Randy Thom to record ambient sounds of people talking in Moroccan and Arabic to be used in Thoms' latest movie, Allied, starring Brad Pitt. The 25-year-old Egyptian was part of a master class in Media Sound Hamburg where he attended a workshop with the esteemed sound designer, who later contacted Garas to take on this task.

Garas tells us that the task was a two-part process; one part was to dig up stock recordings from Moroccan sound libraries, the other - since the former wasn't enough - was to create his own recordings. Although he studied economics at AUC, Garas always wanted to be a sound engineer. Self-taught, he started out teaching Ableton production classes at Epic101, then went on to complete that master class with Thom in Hamburg.Coming back from Germany after being exposed to several industry leaders, including Randy Thom, Garas started his career in sound design through that very same project we are talking about – Allied. Right now Garas is Senior Audio Producer at Peace Cake productions; in the past he was part of a theatre troupe that toured the USA and is very famous for their Arabic rendition of Les Misérables

It's always great to learn about Egyptian professionals going international, especially with such astounding achievements as working in Holywood with Randy Thom, the current Director of Sound Design at Skywalker Studios. International support of local talent is incredible, particularly in such careers that are obscure and relatively unknown to a large chunk of Egyptian society – sometimes not even recognised as real jobs, let alone acknowledged by parents as academic vocations that their kids can pursue, otherwise putting to waste a huge pool of talented individuals.

Find Fady Garas on Vimeo here for his work and follow him on Soundcloud here for some of his music.