Tuesday 31 of January, 2023
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Gold Pendant Depicting Ancient Egyptian Goddess Discovered in Greece

The pendant was discovered within the walls of a tomb unearthed in the ancient Greek city of Pylos.

Staff Writer

A team of American archaeologists from the University of Cincinnati unearthed two ancient tombs in the Southern Greek ancient city of Pylos, where they found various valuable artefacts and pieces of jewellery. Among the relics found is a fascinating gold pendant depicting the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor, the goddess of the sky, women, fertility and love. Hathor was also, notably, a protector of the dead.

The tombs date back to over 3000 years. Although unconfirmed, they suggest that the pendant indicates possible trade between Pylos and Egypt at the time of Greece's Mycenaean civilization.

The team also found a ring showing bulls with barley, which - among the other ancient artefacts - were found after an 18-month excavation by the archaeological team. They haven't confirmed that this ring is Egyptian, but these discoveries suggest that ancient Egypt's culture extended well beyond its borders.


*** Photo credits go to Associated Press.