Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Mawaweel: An Alternative Ramadan Experience

Back again for another awe-inspiring set of Ramadan events, Cairo Jazz Club Agency teams up with Darb 1718 again this weekend for Mawaweel, featuring some seriously sweet acts.

Staff Writer

Ramadan is all about food, food, food, and more food. It’s all you think about during the day and the second you hear the beautiful sound of the madfa3 you find yourself swimming 2atayef and ma7shi. Even the few hours between Iftar and Sohour, you’re constantly thinking about whether your stomach has enough time to digest the mountains of food you consumed during so you can have enough room to binge eat again. Amidst this food-induced haze, many have forgotten the culture and traditions behind this holy month.  

The Cairo Jazz Club Agency is back once more, teaming up with Darb 1718, for their fun-filled Mawaweel to remind us all that there is more to Ramadan that mama’s cooking. Starting Thursday 17th Mawaweel gives you a taste of the rich culture of Ramadan and the impressive hidden talent Egypt has to offer. Offering a wide variety of performances, exhibitions and screenings, Mawaweel's first weekend will kick off this Thursday with a folkloric act by Tahteeb, followed by a musical performance by Hawidro band and end the night with the beautiful neo-Tarab tunes of Tunisian Ghalia Benali known for her soulfully Oriental sounds, resembling those of Om Kalthoum, and her engaging and emotional performances. While all that is underway Mawaweel offer a plethora of activities for people of all ages, including a selection of short films screen by Mad Solutions, a bazaar and many food stands – because food still is the biggest aspect of Ramadan. Their Salon Ramadan art exhibitions features a variety of contemporary and distinguished Egyptian and international artists.

The folkoric performance Tanoura will be kicking off Friday’s jam-packed event at 9PM. 10PM will see Sufi-esque Mawlawiyah take to the stage with their spiritual and stimulating fusion of music and whirl dancing. Bringing an epic end to an already epic event, Ashara Garby will be performing their Blues-infused Oriental and Afro beats. Their music, which reflects societal issues and concerns, is known to engage and embrace the crowd.

Mawaweel is a great opportunity to indulge in all things cultural and artistic about Ramadan and the perfect reminder that the holy month is about a lot more than just food.