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Sand Spirals

Did you know that there's a massive work of art just sitting there out in Hurghada? Check out the impressive photos here and find out more...

The picture above may look like one of those phony Facebook posts depicting mysterious crop circles but it is 100% real. Did you know this is a genuine piece of art called Desert Breath, lying in the desert near Hurghada on the Red Sea coast? DID YOU? The piece was completed in 1997 by a group of three artists; sculptor Danae Stratou, industrial designer Alexandra Stratou and architect Stella Constantinides. Its stunning symmetry, amassed in nature, makes it hard to believe that it's not photoshopped; the shape mirrors the forms found in most living organisms and galaxy geometry. The structure is huge as well: with the shimmering pool in the centre spanning almost 100 feet, the whole art piece covers 100,000 square meters (about one million square feet) and required the displacement of 8,000 square meters of sand (about 280,000 square feet).Danae Stratou Desert Breath 4

Desert Breath still stands today, giving a literal and metaphorical depiction of the shifting sands of time as it merges once again with the surrounding desert. You can see it from the sky on Google Maps, along with images of its present state.

Danae Stratou Desert Breath 2

Danae Stratou Desert Breath 5

Danae Stratou Desert Breath 7

Danae Stratou Desert Breath 3

Danae Stratou Desert Breath 11