Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Zoka Designs: Recycled Art

Dinah Lotfy came up with the ingenious idea of recycling magazines and other materials for decorative home accessories and interiors. The result is cool, fun, multi-purpose pieces that will liven up any home.

Staff Writer

Usually when we're done reading a magazine we will throw it into the pile on the bathroom floor, a funeral for damp glossy paper. We will tell ourselves that we will get around to reading that article on the anthropological idiosyncrasies of a new found Ugandan tribe or Kim Kardashian's cleavage line but we never do, and the magazine cover will stay there staring at you for weeks, even years, before finally vanishing into the vacuum of pointless household paraphernalia. 

Scrolling through Instagram (naturally whilst on the toilet not reading about the Ugandan tribe) we stumbled upon yet another ingenious Egyptian brand, Zoka Designs, which recycles materials - mainly magazines - for a kitsch new take on home accessories and interiors. 

From coasters to rubbish bins, vases, tables and more, Dinah Lotfy creates these colorful pieces from rolled up magazines that make for a cool and inexpensive accent to any room. And if you really want to get quirky, how about a magazine holder made from magazines. How's that for meta?

Other stand-out creations include minimal tables, seats and flower pots made from single painted car tires, perfect if you're into that kind of rustic hobo vibe and your mothers Rococo furniture makes you feel a bit ill.

Check out their collection and order online from their Facebook or Instagram.