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Breaking News with NewsSnapr

Ever feel like there aren't any reliable news sources left in the country? Well, now you can reset the balance with the latest app on the market, NewsSnapr.

There is a new app coming out of Egypt that puts the power of information in the palm of your hand. NewsSnapr is an app that allows you to make and view the news from multiple angles.

According to Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Aly Samaha “NewsSnapr gives the power of sharing the news back to the citizen, in addition to the opportunity for everyone to see a story from multiple angles.” The app allows users to directly stream video live from your phone and onto their network, giving you the chance to become your own citizen journalist.

What makes NewsSnapr unique compared to other live streaming sites is that it “allows citizens to, at any moment, capture live snaps of breaking news while being geo-tagged- thus automatically authenticating it. In addition, news tends to be presented from one angle. NewsSnapr allows several breaking news (live streams) to be presented in one story format simultaneously,” explains Samaha. With NewsSnapr's dynamic platform, dramatic street scenes come to life as multiple users covering the same news have the ability to act like production managers behind the scenes in a TV news station, choosing what the viewer should see on site.

NewsSnapr also gives viewers the chance to rate videos, giving ordinary citizens the tools required to be heard and recognised. If you have ever dreamed of working in the news industry, then this app can definitely build cred on your resume.

This app was just recently released into the market and is now available for both iPhones and Androids. It's just a shame it wasn't released sooner, as this app would have given Egyptians a better perspective on poll turnouts and events that took place at the recent election. With multiple users voting in various places it would have been the first time Egyptians and the world got to see just how many Egyptians with differing views are spread out across the land.

Never again be misled by propaganda; if you want to know what is happening, when it is happening, and to be a part of the process, then visit your app store and start reporting.