Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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CCTV Must Be Installed in All Cairo Shops

Cairo Governor Galal Saeed has stated that licenses for retails outlets will not be renewed if they do not install surveillance systems.

Staff Writer

New regulations have been introduced in Cairo, requiring all retail stores to install surveillance systems, as stated by Cairo Governor, Galal Saeed. He also stated to Al Ahram that no there will be no license renewals for stores, until they get the now-obligatory CCTV system claiming it's a global move that aims to enhance security worldwide.

The new rule doesn't come all too surprising, considering the fact that Egypt's Minister of Religious Endowments had surveillance systems installed in mosques, as a way to ensure protection from terrorist attacks and to keep track of those entering and roaming around the sacred building.

Aside from all those 'new' projects, surveillance cameras have been a thing in Egypt for quite a while now, since the governance of Minya has had such networks installed for traffic control purposes, which is completely understandable considering how insane the traffic-scene in Egypt is. New CCTV systems, however, will be found around important buildings, vital roads and squares.

The issue got so big that Ibrahim Mehleb, Egypt's Prime Minister, declared the new formation of a 'national committee for camera surveillance' just a few months ago. The project seems to be spreading all over various regions of the country, in hope to put an end to random bombings and explosions, returning the country to a somewhat more stable position and safer times.