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Cairo's Dirt Cheap Hotel Rooms

Bloomberg's World Travel Index has put Cairo as the 11th cheapest out of 100 top tourist destinations. We're not sure if this is good or bad news, but we're personally gonna take advantage for some quality R&R.

Cairo is home to some of the best hotel bargains on the planet, according to a new study.
The capital was ranked 11th cheapest out of 100 top tourist destinations as part of Bloomberg's World Travel Index.
The chart is designed to map the most expensive travel hotspots on the planet
The study found that a sleepover at an average Cairo hotel costs just $109 per night.
Meanwhile even a swanky stay in an upmarket five star hotel will set you back $136 on average.
The prices compare favourably against London and Hong Kong, where visitors are forced to shell out more than 50% more for a one night stay.
The most expensive cities for travellers were Geneva ($308), and Dubai where holidaymakers are expected to splash out $273 for a bed in the boomtown.
Meanwhile Kuwait City also tipped the scales at $273 on average per month.
However, head east if you're planning to ditch Egypt in a search of a bargain getaway.
The cheapest hotel rooms on the planet are in Hanoi, where a one night stay is just $62.
Makati City in the Philippines is the world's second cheapest at just $78.