Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Cairo Has The World's Cheapest Breakfast, Bloomberg Says

All-day breakfast, anyone?

Staff Writer

Cairo Has The World's Cheapest Breakfast, Bloomberg Says

We finally have an excuse to eat foul and ta3meya for every meal of the day because, according to Bloomberg Indicator, Cairenes are blessed with having the cheapest cost for breakfast in the world. We pretty much just handed you the perfect excuse the next time someone hits you with the you-spend-too-much-on-food line!

Perhaps you’re thinking that being the cheapest breakfast in the world doesn’t necessarily equate to affordability. However, according to the index, the cost of a breakfast meal sits at around $0.35 (or around EGP 6), which only makes up about 4.4 percent of our daily incomes – affordable for much of the population.

On the other hand, while the Venezuelan capital of Caracas ranked alongside Cairo as also being one of the cheapest countries to have breakfast, it costs citizens 111 percent of their income to afford the meal.

Photo: Zachbe