Thursday December 7th, 2023
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Egyptians Top World's Terror Threat Table

Egypt is now among the countries with the highest risk of experiencing a terrorist attack, according to a new study by Maplecroft.

Staff Writer

Egyptians are among the world's most likely countries to fall victim to a terror attack, a study claims.

Egypt ranks alongside China, Libya and Kenya in countries which suffered most significant increases in the risk of terrorist attacks over the past 12 months.

The figures come just days after 21 border guards were killed in an ambush along the Libyan frontier.

Maplecroft's annual Terrorism and Security Dashboard also found that the number of people killed in terror attacks globally have risen by a third in the past year.

The survey found that in the 12 months before July 1 there were 18,668 fatalities, compared to an average of 14,443 for the five years before that - an increase of almost 30%.

Iraq has endured the highest number of attacks in the last year with 3,158 incidents, while terrorism in Nigeria is the world's deadliest, recording the highest number of deaths per attack, with an average of 24.

Maplecroft chief executive Alyson Warhurst said: "The dynamic nature of terrorism means individual events are impossible to predict.

"However, up-to-date global intelligence on the intensity, frequency, precise location and type of attacks can help organisations to make informed decisions relating to market entry, security measures for in-country operations, duty of care obligations, supply chain continuity and risk pricing."