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Governor of Sohag Inaugurates Globe Monument That Looks Like an Elementary School Class Project

In the latest episode of monumental monument fiascos, the Governor of Sohag inaugurates a flimsy, badly made globe - on which the shapes of countries and continents are way off - that he says will help tourists get around.

It seems Egypt's governors are trying to follow in our ancestors’ ancient tradition of building monuments with no success. We all saw the disfigured head of Queen Nefertiti last year, and now, a strange rendering of Earth rears its ugly, inaccurate portrayal of the world's continents. The Governor of Sohag inaugurated the monument on Thursday, accompanied by the President of the University of Sohag, who both failed to comment on the inaccuracy of the map - many of the countries on the globe are weirdly sized and shaped.

According to Egyptian Streets, the Governor said that the globe is a representation of the entire world, and will serve as a guide to "tourists and investors." Why would tourists and investors need a map of the world during their visit to Egypt? Well, sure, it would be nice to point out the country you’re in on a globe, but why would they travel all the way to Sohag to do so? If they are visiting Sohag, why would they need a globe to guide them? Unless the globe has zoom capabilities X 1,000,000 (we doubt it does; actually, we are pretty sure it doesn't), it would be completely useless in serving that purpose. What baffles us more is how did those two educated, professional, government officials miss the fact that a lot of the continents on that globe are all wrong?