Friday May 24th, 2024
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Passenger Caught Trying to Smuggle Egyptian Antiques

A Gulf passenger was detained at the Cairo International Airport today for attempting to smuggle Egyptian antiques out of the country.

Staff Writer

Passenger Caught Trying to Smuggle Egyptian Antiques

Police forces at Cairo International Airport were able to detain a Gulf passenger who was trying to smuggle Egyptian coins, books, and historical maps in his bag to his destination of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia today.  

Lieutenant Ayman Abd el-Fattah, Safety and Security Manager at the airport, said that during the final security proceedings of passengers for Nile Air flight number 107 heading to Tabuk, they suspected one man’s bag after passing through the scanner as it had somewhat dimmed objects.

The lieutenant added that after inspecting the bags, they discovered old books and coins which were later confirmed to date back more than 100 years. Among the items found were books that had medical and religious content, 16 pages from the Quran, one coin from the Ottoman Empire, and currency that dates back to the Alaweya family. Also, some contracts and documents with great historical value.

All of these objects are protected by law and selling or acquiring them is totally forbidden in Egypt. Lieutenant Tarek Fathy, the Minister of Interior's assistant for Cairo Intl. Airport, ordered that all the items be confiscated and sent to the Ministry of Antiquities, and a report filed against the passenger.